Meet J.R. 

I've been seeing him around town for a while and I always wanted to get to know him and shoot his portrait. So tonight I went to go get some Chinese food and he was nearby. He asked me for fifty cent so he could get a snack to hold him over. I asked him what he would like to eat, he just wanted some crackers, so i bought him some Chinese food. 

We talked for about an hour or so, my food got cold, but I didn't care. I got to know him a bit better and he told me a lot of different stories about himself and what he's been through since he's been in North Carolina. The stories this guy has to tell..definitely worth a listen. Come to find out he's was a war vet and an artist and has done murals all over where he's traveled. 

He told me he was leaving out tomorrow morning, so before we parted ways, I asked could I shoot his portrait. He gave me permission and here is one of the results I got. I felt really fortunate to take his portrait before he leaves tomorrow. I hope we cross paths again.