Miss Sadie & WILLY RAY

              Miss Sadie is a childhood friend of mine and a friend to my family. And a very close friend to my grandmother. When I was little, Miss Sadie used to babysit me and my sister on days my mother had to work. It is from those days where where our bond grew. She still teases me to this day about how picky I was as a child. Whether it be me getting my clothes dirty or when she made the mistake of burning my poptart. She told me how I looked at her on that day when she burned it. "You looked at me as if I had slapped you..and you cried and didn't want to eat the poptart. Funny thing is that it was only a small part of the poptart was burnt. You acted as if I burned both poptarts."  I wish you guys could hear her laugh as she would tell me the story about those times. I'll have some video footage of that hopefully soon.

            It was tough to get her to let me photograph her. I think that's what make these portraits of her so special to me. The first image in this series was the first portrait I  ever took of her. I will always remember that day, due to the fact that afterwards we shared a pint of whiskey ( like we always do). The second image is her favorite. Ever since I took her portrait, she has always been more than willing to let me photograph her. And one day, she wanted to get dressed up. Of course, I let her do whatever she wanted and now that is her favorite image of herself. 

        The third image, I had walked to her house and she was outside. She had just finished chopping wood for her furnace inside. I asked why didn't let me know she needed help. She told some young man had already tried to help, but the work was too hard for him and he quit. "So I finished it myself" she said.  Luckily she doesn't have to worry about that any longer, since her brother now lives with her. He is another favorite of mine. His name is Willy Ray. I first met  him 13 years ago and haven't seen him since then. He was the first person to show me how to play the guitar and a lot of other things. To sum it up, he's basically a jack of all trades. A few weeks ago, we met back up and of course, I had to take his portrait. His humility, kindness, love of life and love of music is still the same since I first met him.

       I could go on and on about these images, but what I've decided to do it to let you click on each image to get a quick backstory. I hope you enjoy!

Be sure to hover over the image after clicking on it to get the backstory!

                                        - Bryce